Cerulean Villa

Barnes Bay - | 9 suites - | Ideal for family and friends
From $200.000 a week

Cerulean Villa

Elected the chicest from all Caribe, the nine-suite villa decorated by the renowned New Yorker Scott Salvator is a Hollywood star’s favorite.

Although it cost is not low, Cerulean has only a few weeks available all year long, so do not expect to rent it so easily. Each weak costs impressive 200 thousand US dollars, but all included.


That will be your first reaction, even before you accept the jasmine towels that will be waiting for you in the entrance.

A complete tour will take 20 minutes in between the suites, living rooms, gym, spa (yes, a Carita spa just for you!), mini-golf, wine cellar, a beautiful kitchen and many other exceptional treats.

After getting to know your house, a sea dive because Cerulean is standing on the sand! 


The suites are in the two floors of the house, each one is different and all beautifully decorated with fascinating details - an elegant mixture of works of art with modern pieces. Four of them are in the ground floor. Suites 1 and 2 are close to the pool and vibrate blue tones. Suites 3 attaches to suite 4 and one of them is a lovely kid’s room. In the upper floor, the suite 5 is very fancy in its pink tones while suite 6 is aqua-green. Suite 7 has a living room and suites 8 and 9 are our favorites. Besides the nine suites, you can count on three extra suites to pilots, nanny, etc.


Gym, home-theater, snooker, library, golf and wine cellar are details! The turquoise beach in front of the pool is the paradise’s postcard. Relax and let the Cerulean team surprises you. The location value includes the daily rate, meal, drinks, driver, massage, personal trainer, in other words, everything is included!


Located at Barney’s Bay and surrounded by nature, the villa is located at one of the noblest Anguilla areas and is a few minutes from the luxurious Viceroy Anguillla.

In recent years, Meads Bay has become the beach of choice of the rich and famous that anchor their yachts and taste the delicious restaurants of the area such as the Blanchards, the Jacala (Martha Stewart’s Caribbean favorite) and the Straw Hat.

Distance to the closest beach: Barneys Bay, the villa is at the beach.

Distance to the airport: 15 minutes by car

Distance to the port: 10 minutes by car



Air conditioning / DVD Player/ home theatre/ computer/ safe/ accessible to wheelchair users / cable TV/ golf course/ Jacuzzi / outdoor shower/ elevators/ gas grill/ iPod docking station/ phone / parking lot / Wi-Fi.


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