Great House

Rendezvous Bay -
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Great House

Little houses standing on the sand in a super old school style. That is how Great House introduces itself, a small adorable hotel at a privileged location managed by the dear Wil Fleming, a member of the lovely traditional Anguilla family. You will feel at home, be it in the room, the restaurant or at the pool. Relaxation ensured with a refreshing breeze and abundant sea.


Thirty-two rooms surround a wide garden, all looking to the brilliant turquoise sea. Choose your suite – single, double, friends or family!


To start the day walk for two minutes until you reach the sand and only a few more seconds for your first dive in the sea. A pool attached to the garden and next to it, the hotel’s restaurant that is delicious for any meal, serving the typical homemade fresh Caribbean food. A pleasant team will do whatever you desire!


3.2 km of soft as a cushion sand embellishes Rendezvous Bay. Surrounded by shiny baby-blue water and the mountainous landscape of the neighboring island of St. Martin, this scene is one of a kind!

Distance to the closest beach: Rendezvous bay, the hotel is at the beach

Distance to the airport: 20 minutes by car

Distance to the port: 15 minutes by car



Closed between August and October

For those who want seaside simplicity



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