Paradise Cove

Cove Bay -
Daily rates from $160.00

Paradise Cove

This hotel, run by the Hughes family and their team is one of those that carry some special energy. Years pass by and the feeling is still the same. The “à la old Miami” entrance with a dolphin cascade, takes you to the Caribbean lobby and so your stay begins as you come across the pool bar. Order a piña colada even before you follow to your room!

The big pool is the center of everything and the apartments around it interlay themselves with the gardenia gardens! Welcome to Anguilla! 


Thirty roomy apartments surround the pool, each one of them with one or two rooms, a living room, a deck and a fully complete kitchen.


The pool is perfect for your first dive of the day, even before you order your omelet with local delicacies and a good coffee! The beach is a 10-minute walk or three by car. The hotel still has a gym.


The hotel is at the calm and rudimentary Cove Bay, where a walk reveals the best of two worlds: a mixture of excitement and serenity within the old Anguilla times. Start the afternoon at the only structure in the sand, the Smokey’s at The Cove. Everyone loves its beach parties on Saturday afternoon when the Musical Brothers’ melodies fill out all the air.

Distance to the closest beach: Cove Bay, a 10-minute walk or less than three minutes by car.

Distance to the airport: 20 minutes by car

Distance to the port: 15 minutes by car



Closed from August to October

Perfect for couples and unpretentious family trips



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