Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa

Shoal Bay East
Daily rates from USD 424 (summer) and USD 795 (winter)

Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa

Take some days off and discover one paradise inside the other. That is the feeling of being at Zemi Beach, one of the top 15 hottest hotels of 2016, according to Vogue Amerca.

Elected many times as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Shoal Bay hosts Zeni Beach House Resort & Spa. Sophisticated and yet unpretentious, the hotel is located only a few meters from the sea and brings the best of the contemporary luxury with accommodations that value the area’s view, two restaurants, bars and an exclusive spa. One paradise inside the other, just as said before. 


Choose among the 54 rooms or from the 9 two or three bedrooms suites, all decorated in neutral tones, light wooden furniture and contemporary luminaries. Attention to the bathroom and its details, such as the sink carved in stone, a true artwork! Our favorites:


With three rooms and a breathtaking view, this suite is equipped with a king size bed and two queen size, a broad living room, kitchen and a private pool that overlooks Shoa Bay. It is super.

Beachfront Suite

Your little house standing on the beach, a spectacle! It is worth highlighting that the house can actually be yours. Check the purchase option. Contact Lisa:


The hotel offers the wonderful Malin + Goetz products!


The hotel’s restaurants and bars deserve a highlight. Two restaurants, one more casual and the other, more sophisticated. Have lunch at 20 Knots, which brings the Latin America flavors to Caribe. And for dinner, the classy Stone restaurant overlooks Shoal Bay beach and offers a selection of wine and artisanal cocktails, harmonized with the best fish, shellfish and fresh vegetables – the perfect translation of the “farm-to-table” concept. The rum’s room is also unmissable! More than 100 labels of the drink, among them the Appleton Jamaica limited edition, so expensive that each dose costs US$ 700, 00. As for the hotel’s drinks, they were developed by two of the best world’s mixologists who created a 17 exclusive cocktails menu combining perfectly sophisticated ingredients.


A dive in the Shoal Bay sea as you wake up is part of the ritual of being a guest of this hotel. The hotel serves the breakfast just a few meters from the beach and the day follows calmly and blue in one of the spacious chaise longues that are available at the pool in front of the sea. Seasonal fruits and the wave’s sounds relaxes you so much that leads you to a morning nap. To the afternoons, Zemi Thai House Spa offers holistic therapies inspired in the ancient healing traditions of the Taino people, designed to awaken the spirit in an environment in harmony with nature. You can find a range of holistic treatments, including rejuvenating facials, exfoliation with sea salt, massage to improve circulation, accelerate detoxification and release everyday stress. To relax even more, the spa offers a head to toe massage while you rest in the hammock. Simple and delicious. The hotel still counts with a tennis court and a small super modern gym.


Acclaimed as the “#1 Beach in the Caribbean” by the visitors and by the travel authorities, Shoal Bay East has been for a long time a source of inspiration for those who dream of exotic trips. Spread over 2.4 km, the coast blessed with the perfect landscape shines way beyond the eyes of those who can see before the soil that flexes to the right extending until losing sight.

Distance to the closest beach: the hotel is at the Shoal Bay beach

Distance to the airport: 15 minutes by car

Distance to the port: 20 minutes by car



*A very trendy hotel;

*Opened all year round. 


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